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Diabetic Screening

We are pleased to inform all our diabetic patients that the South Manchester Diabetic Screening services have now resumed and we have arranged for the local service to be returned to Alan Miller Optometrists.

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A Message
To Our Patients

As we mentioned in previous correspondence, the screening programme was tendered to a private company (Health intelligence) by the NHS. Having entered discussions with Health Intelligence, we stressed to them the importance of screening our patients at one site and preferably in one visit for their convenience. In view of this, Health intelligence has agreed that they will offer diabetic screening appointments from our site at Alan Miller Optometrists.

Previously, you used to receive a letter with a PIN number to book a screening appointment, however, you will now receive a letter from Health Intelligence who will have booked you a preliminary appointment with a local Optician that is registered on the screening programme. 


The appointments are allocated based on location i.e. your GP's postcode and the nearest Optician or screening site to that postcode, so don’t worry if the location of the site, date or time doesn’t suit you or you are not used to visiting, you can change this appointment or screening venue but this may not necessarily be closer to you or may not be convenient for you. 


For Irlam, Cadishead and surrounding areas we are the only screening site within a 6 miles radius which would be perfectly suited for all our patients who reside in and around this locality.


Call Health Intelligence to inform them of who your usual Optician is (in your case Alan Miller Optometrists), or contact us and we can help you get your appointment organised. 


If you are also due an eye examination as you have previously done then let us know so we will tie your eye test with the diabetic screening appointment whereas previous you will have the drops put in your eyes followed by images taken of the back of the eyes to look out for any diabetes-related problems.


We aim to make your visit a more productive one where everything will be carried out in one trip.


Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to call, we will endeavour to assist and look after you as always.

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